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Princess Flare's Diary

Flare En Kuldes
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I'm Nadia Flare, the princess of Obel. My hobbies include trying to do my best by my subjects, rescuing Father from Chinese Finger Traps, and terrorizing various residents on the high seas.
acting sweet, aldo, animal rights, archery, boys, casual wear, defending my people, diversity, ema, equality, free range eggs, frightening people, gary, gay love stories, instilling fear, island nations, keeping father in line, lino en kuldes, love stories, memories, mocking will, music boxes, my father, my long-lost brother, my mother, obel, pirates, pocky, responsibilities, royalty, ruling with iron firsts, rune of punishment, setsu, shounen-ai, social reform, ted, ted and aldo, ted/aldo, terrorizing people, the spanish inquisition, various fruit mixtures, veganism, vegetarianism, will, will's inferiority complex, will's snowe obsession, wind runes, women's rights, women's sufferage, yaoi